Leading Optometrist Sydney CBD

When it comes to your eye’s health, no one can take chances. You only have the ones you’re born with, so taking care of them is a priority. That’s where Personal Eyes Optometry, a leading Optometrist Sydney CBD comes in to help Sydneysiders keep their sight in shape. Located in the beautiful art deco Dymocks Building in the heart of CBD, Personal Eyes Optometry, the best optometrist in Sydney provides quality eye care and eyewear that cannot be surpassed anywhere in the area. With over 90 collective years of experience, the optometrists at Personal Eyes Optometry can effectively prescribe glasses or contact lenses for everyone, regardless of how complicated the prescription might be.

Leading Optometrist Sydney CBD

The range of contact lenses supplied at Personal Eyes Optometry include extended wear and progressive lenses, and they even have contact lenses for astigmatism which enables them to meet everyone’s prescription needs. Their vast selection of designer glasses with frames by Tom Ford, SALT, Porsche Design, Lindberg and very many more allows customers to find a unique look that is individual and one-of-a-kind.

Few things have more impact on how a person is perceived than the size, shape, and style of their glasses. One of the strengths of these Optometrists Sydney CBD is the vast number of frames you can select from. With over 700 Designer frames in the stock offering a large variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials they’re sure to find the combination that suits even the most discerning client. So no matter what style your after, we have the frame to fit it.

We the best Sydney CBD optometrists can help our patients choose lens design that solves their visual needs and complements the frames they have chosen. There are numerous combinations and factors that can affect this choice. Most people can be corrected with single vision lenses and this is the simplest design of the lens. The newest materials make these lenses extremely thin and so suitable for very strong prescriptions.

Others need bifocal or progressive lenses that give the wearer a range of vision distances in one pair of glasses. There have been significant improvements in the multifocal lenses with the introduction of Free Form progressive lenses. Theses computer lathed lenses offer the widest reading areas of any multifocal. Personal Eyes Optometrists in Sydney city have just received the latest Rodenstock Impressionist instrument from Germany. This enables the measurement of the critical lens position to a tenth of a millimeter, five-time was more accurate than was previously possible, ensuring these German-made multifocal are precisely positioned in the frame.

Another option for glasses is those that darken when exposed to light, specifically UV wavelengths. These are called photochromatic lenses and they specifically won’t darken when the wearer is inside with artificial light. Those who are outside a great deal find this feature is helpful since they may not need a separate pair of sunglasses. One of the market leaders of this technology is Transitions.

Our optometrist shop in Sydney can rely on to have the best eye care and eyewear available at affordable prices. Visit us for an eye exam and fora pair of spectacles or contacts and see what you’ve been missing.

Personal Eyes Optometry is a specialist provider of professional eyecare and can precisely fulfill your requirements for a comprehensive eye test Sydney CBD, besides being a one-stop-shop for Fashion Spectacles Sydney CBD.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit www.personaleyesoptometry.com.au online.

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