Optometrist Services: Emergency services for Glasses and Contact Lenses

At Personal Eyes Optometry we offer an emergency service.

Our onsite laboratory can produce a pair of single vision glasses on the same day in most cases. You just never know when an emergency will occur.

We also carry a large inventory of contact lenses so if you get caught short, we can usually find your exact lenses or a suitable alternative to get you out of a tricky situation.

Our dedicated emergency phone number is monitored 24/7, so even if we cannot solve your visual problem at 10pm on a Sunday night we can give advice as to your best course of action.

So if the question is where can I get glasses made quickly in Sydney, then the answer is Personal Eyes Optometry, the only place in Sydney CBD offering an emergency service to make new glasses, often the same day!

Our Emergency number is:

Business Hours

Mob: 0405 453 236 After Hours