Prescription Sunglasses Sydney CBD

Where do I get a good pair of prescription sunglasses from in Sydney CBD?

At Personal Eyes Optometry located in the heart of the Sydney CBD we have been supplying prescription sunglasses for many years. In fact we have been located in the George Streets’ iconic Dymocks Building since 1982, well before light rail was even an idea yet again for Sydney CBD. What was old is new again and the same thing can be said for sunglasses. The principle has remained the same for many years, eyewear to protect the eyes from harmful UV light with tinting to give glare free vision in full sun, which in Australia is often around.

So are there any differences between sunglasses? The answer is yes, and perhaps the first question to answer is whether to get polarized or non polarized lenses.

A polarized lens will give glare free vision from light that is reflected off a surface. It could be off water, the road, or motor vehicle windows for example. Generally in the Sydney CBD this is the most desirable feature for prescription sunglasses, but not always, for reasons which I will discuss later.

If you have decided, with the help of our experienced Optical Dispensers, that polarization in your new sunglasses is preferable, the next decision can depend on your age, and is whether to get single vision distance or multifocal lenses. The latter allows those older prescription sunglass wearers to read close up as well. There are both advantages and disadvantages to multifocal prescription sunglasses and these can be discussed with you so you can make an informed decision.

There is a large selection of prescription sunglasses lenses to choose from in Sydney CBD today. Whether you decide to go with a premium product such Maui Jim or whether some other product is more appropriate, all our prescription sunglasses at Personal Eyes Optometrist have full UV protection and conform to Australian Standard AS 1067.

Usually the next most important decision for your new sunglasses is that of the frame. The best choice or style of frame is sometimes dictated by your prescription, and to a lesser extent, the manufacturer of the lenses. For example, Maui Jim prescription sunglasses lenses can only be fitted to a Maui Jim frame. Generally though, sunglass frames are bigger than conventional clear lens spectacles.

However, prescription sunglasses lenses do not have to be fitted to sunglass frames. For some people, it may be better to choose a conventional spectacle frame, and sometimes the quality and design of these frames is preferable especially for those people with higher prescriptions. If you do take this route you can choose from premium brands such as Lindberg, Pro Design, Blackfin, L.G.R, Porsche Design, Lightec, Lunor  and many more from our selection over 800 quality spectacle frames at our Sydney CBD store.

Why would you not choose to get polarized prescription sunglasses for use in the Sydney CBD ?

For some, polarized prescription sunglasses may not be the best option as this type of lens can cause problems when viewing LCD screens. This is because these screens also use a polarising filter and this combination interferes with the light transmitted to our eyes. The result can make train or airport destination screens to appear black, though fortunately the modern versions have overcome this issue.

So, where do you get a good pair of prescription sunglasses from in Sydney CBD?

At Personal Eyes Optometrist in the Sydney CBD, an accredited Maui Jim specialist whose George Street Sydney store has a huge range of quality prescription sunglasses that will be properly fitted and adjusted for your face.