Optometrist Sydney: Retinal Imaging Examinations

Recent advances in digital imaging now enable retinal imaging examinations which allow us to view your retina, giving us superior diagnostic capability.

This retinal imaging examination takes less than a minute, is totally painless, avoids the discomfort and lasting effects of dilating drops and gives   you an opportunity to review the images of your own retinas on the computer screen with the optometrist in the examination room.

The images captured by the system are then recorded and saved digitally on your records. The use of computerized digital documentation allows for long term storage of images so that comparisons can be made over time.

Ideally, every patient should have a retinal imaging examination as part of their eye examination, as it is the best way to find early changes in the retina which may otherwise go undetected.

It is particularly recommended for patients who:

  • Have the history of high myopia (short-sightedness)
  • Have experienced floaters and light flashes
  • Take certain medications that may affect vision
  • Have diabetes and/or hypertension and heart disease
  • Have family history of retinal detachment
  • Have personal or family history of macular degeneration