Disposable (fortnightly or monthly)

Disposable contact lenses (fortnightly or monthly)

The majority of contacts used today are soft disposable contact lenses.
These have significant benefits to the wearer in terms of hygiene, maintenance and replacement costs.

Options include daily disposable, fortnightly disposable, monthly disposable and disposable coloured contact lenses.

By making contact lenses disposable, limiting wear to a maximum of a month and using advanced materials, the lenses develop minimal protein deposits, are more comfortable and are easier to disinfect more thoroughly.

A disposable contact lens is also inexpensive to replace, making them ideal for situations where they  may be lost or contaminated (surfing, swimming, football etc)

Additional features of other types of disposable lenses are the bifocal, multifocal or tinted disposable contact lens which provides distance and reading vision, and the extended wear lens where you may sleep with the contact lenses in the eyes overnight.

We can also provide custom made disposable contact lenses if the prescription is challenging or if you simply want tinted contact lenses that aren’t usually available in the colour that you like.

We pride ourselves in offering an emergency service so we can provide same day contact lenses to get you out of trouble.

Some of the popular lenses we supply:


Acuvue Oasys


Proclear Biocompatibles

CooperVision Avaira



Air Optix

ABK Colorvue

Freshlook Color Blends

Gelflex Extreme H2O



  • Existing patients with a current prescription can order contact lenses using our online facility.
  • If you are a new patient please contact us on (02) 9235 2236.