Eye Tests and Designer Glasses in Sydney

Since 1983 one of the premier places for a professional eye test is Personal Eyes Optometry located in the beautiful art deco Dymocks Building in the heart of CBD. This oasis of calm in the heart of Sydney city located on George Street is easily accessible for almost everyone living in the Sydney area, with plenty of public transport and parking options

Eye Tests and Designer Glasses in Sydney

The optometrists at Personal Eyes Optometry, collectively, have over 90 years of experience in evaluating eye health and vision deficiencies. They offer bulk billed eye tests in Sydney to all eligible patients regardless of the complication level of their prescription. We also offer a wide range of contact lenses including specialized lenses including daily wear lenses, extended wear lenses, bifocal or progressive contact lenses, and even lenses for people with astigmatism.

Personal Eyes Optometry can meet everyone’s prescription needs. For glasses, you’ll be amazed at the vast selection of designer glasses with frames by Ted Baker, Tom Ford, SALT, Porsche Design, Lindberg, Orgreen and many, many more. Personal Eyes Optometry can help craft an individualized look that is unique and one-of-a-kind.

It’s well known that few things have a greater impact on how a person looks or comes across to others than the size, shape, and style of glasses. Sitting on your nose right in front of the person talking to you makes them a very obvious accessory. This is why it is so important to be able to choose from a very big selection of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials in order to find a frame that is both comfortable and complements your look. With over 700 frames in stock, these Sydney City Optometrists are sure to have one for you.

Having found that perfect frame for your face the experts at Personal Eyes Optometry (and they only employ qualified staff) can advise you on the best design of lenses for your prescription. Using the worlds finest lens manufacturers, including Carl Zeiss, Hoya, Rodenstock and Essilor they have a huge range of lens designs at their disposal, including ultra-thin high index lenses, Transitions lenses, super hard scratch resistance lenses, and of course the new free form multifocal lenses which have the largest reading area.

Transition lenses or Photochromatic lenses are a type of lens that darkens when exposed to light, specifically sunlight. These photochromatic lenses specifically won’t darken when the wearer is inside with artificial light. Those who are outside a great deal find this feature is helpful since they may not need a separate pair of sunglasses as they are darkened by the sun’s ultraviolet light. One of the market leaders of this technology is Transitions.

We source our optical lenses from the world’s leading manufacturers including Transitions, Carl Zeiss, Rodenstock, Hoya, Mako, Nikon, and more. Don’t forget, Personal Eyes Optometry can provide  Eye test Sydney, and one of the biggest selection of designer glasses, frames and lenses in Sydney.

Personal Eyes Optometry is a specialist provider of professional eyecare and can accurately fill your requirements for a comprehensive Eye test Sydney CBD, besides being a one-stop-shop for Fashion Spectacles Sydney CBD.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit www.personaleyesoptometry.com.au online.

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