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LINDBERG is a high-quality Danish frame manufacturer that has received more international design awards than any other eyewear brand. Made from ultra-lightweight Titanium, these exquisitely crafted frames have long been the favourite brand for Royals, tycoons, politicians, and celebrities; in fact you may have seen Bill Gates, Queen Elizabeth, Sting, Giorgio Armani, Matt Dameon, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Elton John and Selena Gomez amongst the host of people who has discovered these amazingly lightweight frames.

These minimalist Scandinavian frames are all customizable with over a million combinations of color, style and shape and designs which ensures that your Lindberg frames are unique to you and perfectly suited to your face and style.

At Personal Eyes Optometry, we carry one of the largest range of Lindberg Frames Sydney has to offer, and as a finishing touch we can have them laser engraved with your name, phone number or email address, in fact, anything you like, up to 27 characters, at no extra charge when you purchase these new ultra-lightweight Danish Titanium frames from us, Lindberg Frames Sydney leading dealer.


Arhus, Denmark’s second largest city was the birthplace of this now iconic brand when in 1969 Poul-Jørn Lindberg and his wife Hanne opened Lindberg Optik. A decade later Poul-Jørn began to design his own range of eyewear as he found all the frames then available in Europe too heavy and cumbersome. Five years later in 1983 Hans Dissing the principal architect from the firm Dissing & Weitling helped refine the Danish Opticians design and the world’s first range of Titanium frames, suitable named Lindberg Air Titanium was born.

Within a year of their release HM Queen Margrethe II and HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark, the parents of Prince Frederick and “our Mary’s “in-laws were both wearing Lindberg Air Titanium frames which subsequently led to the granting of the Danish Royal Warrant of Appointment, the first of many honours to be bestowed on the company for these groundbreaking featherweight Lindberg frames.

Lindberg Air Titanium

Lindberg Air Titanium Bruce/c10

Today these classic Air Titanium frames, with their pioneering minimalist designs, are still being made in hypoallergenic medical grade titanium and have been awarded many more prestigious design awards. The original concept has now been expanded to over 50 designs, all with the innovative completely screwless construction and can be viewed at our shop, a leading Optometrist in Sydney CBD, and home to one of the largest range of Lindberg Frames Sydney city has.

Lindberg Rimless

However, despite the success of their Air Titanium range, it is probably the rimless Lindberg Spirit frames that the company is most synonymous for nowadays. These beautifully crafted medical grade titanium frames weigh as little as 1.9 grams, making them by far the lightest and most comfortable rimless frames available today. The Lindberg Spirit frame is unique in being made without screws, rivets or welds, and with 26 designs of sides (temples) available in a huge range of colors and finishes, it provides an unrivaled choice for the customer to create a unique individually customized pair of Lindberg glasses.

The Lindberg rimless frames are probably the most popular range at Personal Eyes Optometrist Sydney, and although the over 1 million combinations sound quite daunting, our specially trained Lindberg Opticians can guide you through this exciting process. Typically we begin by choosing the design of the sides, and then the color preference and finish. Finally, the lens shape is selected and the combination is the measured and custom sized to suit the wearers face and visual needs. If required the finished choice can then be laser engraved with your name to complete a truly personalized and incredibly light pair of spectacles from Personal Eyes Optometrists, Lindberg Frames Sydney CBD leading stockists.

Lindberg Now

The company’s latest creation is the increasing popular Lindberg Now range. These frames are manufactured in a unique lightweight composite front with Lindberg’s trademark ultra-lightweight titanium sides. These new Lindberg frames Sydney latest style, follows the founders’ ethos that a spectacle frame should not only be comfortable but complement rather than overwhelm the face.

As with the rest of the Lindberg Spectacle range, these Lindberg Now frames are available in scores of different colors and styles enabling us to create a bespoke pair of spectacles unique to you. There are over 30 different styles of the front the ranging from the “retro” Lindberg Now 6531 to the contemporarily styled Now 6544.

Both these models are available in three different side designs, which in turn can be ordered in over 80 different colors. Combine these sides with the choice of 24 colors for the frame front, and you’ll have a pair of customized Lindberg Frames in a combination no one else in Sydney, or even Australia has. Please feel free to pop into us any time at Personal Eyes Optometrist Sydney to view one of the most extensive ranges of Lindberg Frames Sydney has to offer, or call us on 9235 2236 if you need an appointment for an eye test.

Lindberg Acetanium

Lindberg Now 6527/C11/ 10A fourth popular range of Lindberg Frames is their Acetanium collection. These classically designed spectacle frames combine the robust construction of organic Cellulose Acetate with its rich depth of colour, and their trademark lightweight Titanium sides.

A strong quality of the material used in the Lindberg Acetanuim glasses is the ability to combine different colours by laminating two sheets of organic cellulose acetate together to create beautifully deep colours with subtle hints from the different colour layers. Available in over 20 different front designs with 14 styles of side shapes which in turn can be chosen in scores of different colours and finishes. Many of the sides of these Lindberg glasses can be optioned with inlays of colours to match or highlight the frame front. Come in and see the latest collection of Lindberg glasses at Personal Eyes Optometrists, one of the most experienced Lindberg frames suppliers in the Sydney CBD.

Common to all the Lindberg glasses range is their multi-adjustable nose pad design. With typical Danish attention to detail, these nose pads are mounted on titanium arms and are available in several different designs ensuring that the frame fits perfectly on any nose. Our Lindberg trained Opticians will asses, measure and specify the ideal nose pad design to get the perfect fit for you, whether it be a medical grade ultra soft silicon rubber or the specially designed pad for the flatter Asian nose. This way we can ensure your new Lindberg glasses will be the lightest and most comfortable pair of spectacles you will ever own.


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