Frame Adjustment

All of our frames are custom adjusted to fit your face. We take a special care to ensure that your new spectacles sit comfortably and securely.

Frames should sit straight & level and not slide down the nose. This is particularly important with progressive lenses, where movement of the frame may affect the visual performance.

Over a period of time your frames may end up out of alignment, due to children, pets, sports or simply falling asleep in them. Usually it’s just general wear & tear that knocks them about. We are more than happy to readjust your frames, bringing them back to their best possible fit.

We recommend using our high quality/density microfibre lens cleaning cloth for most applications. These are particularly suitable for multicoated lenses. Our cloths are washable so they’ll be clean when you need them.

For more cleaning power we advise using our lens cleaner spray with facial tissues. This removes heavier debris and gets thrown away with the tissue.

For areas that are difficult to access (around some nose pads etc) we suggest bringing them to us to clean ultrasonically. You will be amazed at the difference.