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“O loss of sight, of thee I most complain! Blind among enemies! O worse than chains”

Nearly 500 years ago John Milton was complaining  about his eyesight. Our sight is our most precious sense. It is also our most sensitive sense and problems with our eyesight are one of the most common and irritating health issues that we have, and can significantly impact our daily life and performance at work.

At Personal Eyes Optometry, our experienced optometrists have access to the most advanced solutions for these delicate optical issues. More than ever before, the demands of modern technologies are testing our vision, and we are seeing more and more people with visual problems caused by long hours of computer work. At our centrally located office in the Sydney CBD an eye test can identify any problems.

Ocular problems affect a large segment of the population. A study in 2004 by the National Eye Institute in United States concluded that over 40 percent of population were are affected by myopia or presbyopia. The large number of people working with computers in the Sydney CBD means that for us, it is probably an even greater percentage.  An eye examination, which at  Personal Eyes Optometry can be bulk billed to Medicare will diagnose any visual deficiencies.

What can Personal Eyes Optometry offer me in terms of visual solutions?

As the name implies, Personal Eyes Optometry is dedicated to serve the unique needs of each one of our clients for eye care and eyewear. Our company offers a complete range of services to assess your vision and if necessary prescribe spectacles or contact lenses following a thorough examination. During the eye testing  our optometrists  gather extensive information regarding the functionality and health of different parts of the eye as well as a detailed investigation into the potential systemic or bodily processes that may be related to a  client’s poor vision. After the collection of this information, Personal Eyes Optometry will provide a diagnosis of any potential condition and create an action plan. Treatment and future options will also be discussed at the conclusion of the eye test.

In addition to the standard eye examination our Sydney CBD Optometrists offer several additional services such as advanced retinal imaging, laser eye surgery assessment, and some emergency services. One most important of these auxiliary services is the revolutionary retinal imaging exams. With these new, state-of-the-art digital imaging machines, our optometrists can assess the health of the retina and they are proving a valuable tool in the early diagnosis of macular degeneration and glaucoma, the two leading causes of blindness in Australia

What can Personal Eyes Optometry offer me if i want Designer Spectacles

With over 700 different frames in stock from the worlds leading designers of fashion frames, there’s sure to be one that fits even the most discerning person.

Whether it is the retro look of Tom Ford’s classic frames or the ultra light hand crafted rimless frames from Lindberg, the qualified staff at Personal Eyes Optometry can find the perfect fit from probably the largest range in the Sydney CBD. From sunglasses to contact lenses, Personal Eyes Optometry is the clear solution!

Personal Eyes Optometry is a specialist provider of professional eyecare and can precisely fulfill your requirements for a comprehensive Eye test Sydney CBD, as well as  being a one stop shop for one of the largest collections of Fashion Spectacles in Sydney CBD.

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